Monday, October 4, 2010

How to Get Working in Your Community for 10/10/10

This is the part of the original article- How to Get Working in Your Community for 10/10/10 by Jess Leber to promote 10/10/10 campaign- "This is shaping up to be huge. According to's web site, there are right now 5,479 events planned in 176 countries for the big day (only 14 countries are missing!).
So as the big day finally approaches a week from this Sunday, I wanted to give you an update and provide some tips about how to find a good event, and also how to organize your own. It's definitely not too late.

First: You can check out's map of events to see if there is a cool one already organized near where you live (there are more than 1,000 in the United States alone). Personally, I'm going to the Washington, D.C. festivities where I live, which include a big rally at the White House, a community garden fall harvest, and a promotional ride to publicize my city's new bikeshare program.

Second: If there's nothing near you yet, you can register your own event, and check out this guide for how to organize and promote it. With a week of planning, some totally doable ideas include community gardening, bicycle repair workshops or bike lane painting, trash cleanup days, light bulb swap-outs, among other ideas discussed here". [ Source of images- and]

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