Sunday, August 29, 2010

Red Tape Movement

Today i participated in RED TAPE MOVEMENT at Etawah with the members of a local N.G.O. Swami Vivekanand Sewa Sansthan. We choosen a road-side near bungalow of Additional Superintendent of Police and tied red tape on tree-trunks and taken oath that we will SAVE TREES and BIODIVERSITY. Many local people also participated. This movement is gaining the support of local people. UNO declared year 2010 as International Year of Biodiversity and year 2011 as International Year of Forests; so such types of movements can play a good role to aware the society about NATURE and it's ECOSYSTEM.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Red Tape Movement on rainy Sunday

पर्यावरण की रक्षा को वृक्षौं पर लाल फीते बांधे
Story Update : Monday, August 23, 2010 12:01 AM
इटावा। स्वामी विवेकानंद सेवा संस्थान इटावा ने वृक्षौं में लाल फीते बांधकर पर्यावरण बचाने के लिए वृक्ष बचाने का आह्वान किया। इस द्रान स्पौर्ट स्टेडियम व उसके पास सड़क पर लगे वृक्षौं में लाल फीते बांधे गए।
सहायक निदेशक बचत प्रभात मिश्रा ने कहा कि जब वृक्ष बचेंगे तभी धरती बचेगी और तभी धरती पर प्राणियौं का जीवन बचेगा। लाल फीता अभियान का उद्देश्य भी वृक्ष बचाना और लौगौं कौ पर्यावरण के प्रति जागरूक करना है। ग्लौबल वार्मिंग का खतरा भी वृक्ष बचाने से टलेगा।
संस्थान के अध्यक्ष संजय सक्सेना ने कहा कि वन क्षेत्र लगातार घटता जा रहा है। इसके चलते प्राकृतिक आपदाएं आ रही हैं। हमें पहले से लगे वृक्षौं कौ बचाना है और नए प्धे भी लगाना है। लेखाकार सुनील सक्सेना ने कहा कि युवाओं कौ पर्यावरण के प्रति जागरूक हौकर वृक्ष लगाने चाहिए तथा पहले से लगे वृक्षौं कौ बचाएं। सचिव विवेक रंजन गुप्ता ने कहा कि जिस प्रदूषण से बचने के लिए मशीनौं पर लाखौं रुपया खर्च हौता है वह कार्य वृक्ष निशुल्क करते हैं। संयौजक डा. आशीष दीक्षित ने कहा कि एक वृक्ष से जितनी आक्सीजन मिलती है उतनी तैयार करने में लाखौं खर्च हौते हैं। संचालन शिवमंगल सिंह ने किया। कार्यक्रम में ओमरतन कश्यप, सर्वेश कुमार, तनुज रंजन, संजीव कुमार, अभिजीत, मयंक सक्सैना, आशुतौष कुमार, अनूप, प्रदीप गुप्ता, राजीव गुप्ता आदि मौजूद रहे।

Saturday, August 14, 2010

International Year of Forests, 2011

Forests are vital to the survival and well being of people everywhere, all 7 billion of us. Deforestation, industrialization-cum-urbanization and increasing population is reducing the forests area which is resulting into degradation of biodiversity and climate change. In its resolution 61/193 of 20 December 2006, the UN General Assembly proclaimed 2011 as the International Year of Forests to raise awareness at all levels to strengthen the sustainable management, conservation and sustainable development of all types of forests for the benefit of current and future generations. The International Year of Forests 2011 offers a unique opportunity to raise public awareness of the challenges facing many of the world’s forests and the people who depend on them. The Ramsar Convention selected wetlands and forests as the theme for World Wetlands Day 2011 (WWD 2011) in recognition of the International Year of Forests. The International Year of Forests 2011 logo is designed to convey the theme of “Forests for People” celebrating the central role of people in the sustainable management, conservation and sustainable development of our world’s forests. The Official launch of the Year will take place at United Nations Headquarters during ninth session of the United Nations Forum on Forests (2- 3 February 2011). So, SAVE FORESTS, SAVE FUTURE.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Red Tape Movement

Today, we participated in RED TAPE MOVEMENT. This movement is the peaceful people participation awareness programme run by me with the help of local people and NGO's in Etawah. Through this, we give the message that to cut trees is lethal to our survival. Nobel Laureate and Leader of Green Belt Movement Madam Wangari Maathai said,"We have a responsibility to protect the rights of generations, of all species, that cannot speak for themselves today. The global challenge of climate change requires that we ask no less of our leaders, or ourselves.” So friends, you also participate in this mission at your home place and send your reply too. Thanks.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Save Forests

Forests and planktons give us the LIFE by providing OXYGEN, FOOD, FRUITS,
MEDICINES, SHELTER as well as BIODIVERSITY and sinking CARBON DI-OXIDE through PHOTOSYNTHESIS. We are now facing the lethal problem of CLIMATE CHANGE; only forests and planktons can save us from this problem coz photosynthesis occurs only in them. Launch grass-root-level awareness programmes, movements and missions to save trees and biodiversity; one such awareness programme has been launched by me and the name of this is RED TAPE MOVEMENT. Save trees for the safety of YOUR FUTURE.